Top 8 Best Garden Sprayers of 2018

When applying products to your lawn and garden, finding the right moisture point is essential to good weed control, and if applying liquid plant foods, the proper dosage is essential to good weed control and good plant growth. A good quality garden sprayer will go a long way to a weed-free and a lush, beautiful garden.

best garden sprayers

Today we will look at 8 sprayers and concluding with the best battery powered sprayer and the best manual pump garden sprayer.

Chapin Pro Series 4 Gallon Backpack Garden Sprayer-61800

The Chapin Pro Series Back-Pack Sprayer is the choice for both small and large areas. The backpack sprayer has an oversized filter cap to make filling a breeze. This sprayer comes with comfortable shoulder straps and pump handle can be repositioned for left or right-handed users. Hose is reinforced, and adjustable nozzle allows for fine to course spray.

  • Review – I have a three-acre yard and this four-gallon capacity sprayer does the trick. This is my second Chain Pro Series sprayer. My first sprayer I have had for two years and use for weeding control. I bought a second sprayer for my plant food solution for my rose garden.
  • Overall Rating- 5.0 Stars!

VSE Garden Sprayer on Wheels Battery Operated Pump Home Lawn Fertilizer Weed Killer Pesticide Dolly Cart Pressure Spot Sprayer 12 Volt Rechargeable Battery

This is the sprayer for large yards with 45-gallon PSI and up to one gallon per minute, delivering up to 40 gallons per charge. Updated large 8-inch wheels for better maneuverability. Also comes with battery and charger included.

  • Review – This sprayer does the job, and I found it very useful for large yards, especially those large yards needing expansive weed control and I found it also great for fertilizing my large garden. However, after three uses the sprayer just quit spraying after about six months of use. Called factory and they sent me replacement parts. On second set of replacement parts; the first replacement parts quit after three months.
  • Overall Rating – 2.5 Stars.

Roundup 190246 Commercial Backpack Sprayer for Professionals Applying Weed Killer and Fertilizer, 4 gallons.

This is a multi-purpose sprayer which can be used for cleaning, sealing, fertilizing and insect-control. Truly an all-purpose sprayer! Shoulder straps are padded for comfort and has adjustable straps, with a waist belt for good shoulder and back support.

  • Review – This sprayer works great and it was put to the test with weed-control, insect-control, fertilizing, and even applying plant food solution to my rose garden. Everything works just like the product promised. However, the hand pump handle extends out from the tank and I must be careful not to hit it by accident. I do not why they did not design the handle to be retractable.
  • Overall Rating – 3.4 Star

RLF5BP – RL FLOMASTER Portable Battery – Powered Sprayer with Telescoping Wand

This is a great low – priced sprayer offering a capacity of 1.3 gallons This is a good battery-operated sprayer for the small yard at a low price point. Provides a telescoping wand with nozzle adjustments and a comfortable shoulder strap. Just the right size and weight for the small yard.

  • Review – Overall, I found this to be a great sprayer for my small yard. I had this sprayer for three years and it is still going strong and cheaper than the manual sprayer it replaced.
  • Overall Rating – 5.0 Stars!

Hudson 62063 Bug wiser 2.5 Gallon Sprayer Galvanized Steel

This model is great for chemicals such as weed killer, herbicide killer, poison oak and poison ivy killer and about any strong vegetation you need to get rid of. The tank is chemical – resistant, has a control valve with an in-line filler, and large powerful pump with a hefty, comfortable D handle.

  • Review – My yard has a lot of vegetation growing every summer and this sprayer does the job. I have poison ivy, weeds, crab grass, and other weeds to kill every summer on my 5.0-acre lot. This sprayer gets the work done. My only complaint is that the nozzle is plastic, it should have been made of metal for the price point.
  • Overall Rating – 3.9 Stars.

Hudson 13854 Never Pump Bak – Pak 4 Gallon Battery Operated Sprayer

This sprayer features 10 hours running time on a single charge and includes an AC charger, so you will not have to buy the charger and battery separately. Offering 4-gallon capacity, and extra-long spray wand, curved, for direct spot spraying, and four spray settings.

  • Review – I have a large yard and my wife is a garden buff. She loves the battery power of the sprayer and now enjoys weeding and fertilizing her beautiful garden. I like that is has a four-gallon capacity. I have big diches in my front yard and I do not as tired out spaying as I did with my pump sprayer
  • Overall Rating – 5.0 Stars!

B E Pressure 90.710.016 Portable Sprayer, Single Conical Spray Tip, Ergonomic Handle, 16 L

Featuring an Ergonomic Handle, lightweight and easy to use, Handle Action Piston Pump, Single Conical Spray Tip, Direct target spot spray wand, handcart pull design, and no lifting required.

  • Review – I have a bad back and I find the handcart pull design less tiresome and does not give me backpain like the other pump type sprayers or the backpack designed sprayer. I have a medium-sized yard and still have energy left after weed killing with this handcart design garden sprayer.
  • Overall Rating – 4.9 Rating

Jacto PJB-8c Backpack Sprayer, Blue, Battery – Powered with Charger and Battery Included

A compact, light six pound, over the shoulder, battery powered sprayer. A lithium battery is included with charger, giving the user two hours of run time on a single charge. This sprayer has a diaphragm pump that offers continuous pressure even when the battery charge is slowing down, giving the user consistent pressure always. Also, the stainless-steel wand attaches to the sprayer, neat and out-of-the-way, keeping your nozzle secure and protected.

  • Review – This is my second battery powered sprayer and I truly say, I am totally satisfied. I had battery powered sprayer in the past, and as soon as the batteries started depleting the spray pressure went down with the depleting battery source. Not so with this sprayer, my pressure is consistent all the way to end my weed killing. A little more expensive, but well worth the price!
  • Overall Rating – 5.1 Stars

Things You Need for Your Pets to Stay Alive, Healthy and Active

No doubts having pets is the best thing you should be doing when you have space and time to accommodate little friends at home. Pets give peace of mind as when you take care of them, they feel like a part of your family and develop an attachment and bonding that create a lasting connection between you and your pet.

A pet maybe any animal that you may love or care about or want to keep with you at home. People love keeping cats, dogs, parrots, dove, pigeons, ducks, fishes, reptiles and unusual things like chameleon crested Gecko, a bearded dragon and another thing like. It all depends on your understanding of the species and how you may be able to take care of these in detail.

bearded dragon

For sure each and every pet must be needing special care and you will have to understand their behavior, their needs, their life process, their food and everything that is related to the pet in order to keep things under your control so that your pet stays in a good health.

There are a few basic needs to make sure your pet stays alive and active for a longer period of time and stay with you as your friend without going through any complicated health issues.

The few basic and some advanced things that you must be able to purchase when keeping a pet with you could be as follows:

A proper livings pace

You need to have a proper place that fits perfectly according to the needs of your pet for the safety and giving it the environment it requires. It could be a separate cage, kennel, a basket, an incubator with temperature controls or water tank in case if you have a marine pet. You may need to give a combination of components like sand and water in one place in an aquarium for the pets living on both types of environment.

Proper temperature

Sometimes you have to keep your pets under controlled temperature settings by using a thermometer because of the regional differences from where the pet belongs and the place where you will be keeping it.

Food necessities

Make sure you understand the food necessities and provide the best food for your pet as well.

Cleanliness and hygiene

It is also important to keep the pet and its living space clean and tidy to avoid health concerns.

Medical examination

Regular medical checks through a Vet would be helpful in maintaining good health and providing support in case if it gets ill.

Tips to Get the Most from Your Pressure Washer

A pressure washer is a very handy tool. We wanted to give you tips to help you get the most out of yours.

pressure washer tips

Tricks for removing oil stains

When you are cleaning a driveway or grease spots from a deck, always treat the stains first with the degreaser. Let it sit for the recommended amount of time. Then, always rinse off detergent before it dries completely. This may mean washing the area when the sun isn’t directly hitting it to give the soap time to work. Finally, hot water dissolves spots better than cold.

Tricks for washing your car

Save time and water by rinsing dust and dirt off first. Then allow detergent to sit for a few minutes before you rinse. If you add spray wax to the rinse water, you’ll have the benefit of your car staying clean for longer. Investing in a foamer and a surface cleaning brush is worth the cost to make the work easier.

How to choose the right nozzle

A 0° nozzle emits the strongest stream of water at the full flow rate and maximum pressure. Only use this nozzle for paint stripping and cleaning very durable surfaces like concrete. Normally, a 0° spray tip will be red in color.

Next, the green tip is typically 25°. This size is perfect for general cleaning including washing your car. After that, the white or gray tip is usually 40°, which is ideal for delicate surfaces or rinsing detergent off of a vehicle.

Lower the pressure to protect your deck

You shouldn’t need more than 1500 PSI to clean a wood deck. Any more than that and you’re likely to gouge or leave lap marks.

Don’t pressure wash a spider web

This may seem odd, but spider webs are so tough that only ammonia and D-limonene cleaners can dissolve them. If you try to get rid of spider webs by spraying them with detergent, you’re likely to dissolve the paint, too. It’s best just to knock them down with a broom.