September 19, 2018

Science Reveals the Truth About Hair Loss Cures

In the quest to stop hair loss, it’s tempting to try anything and everything. But there’s also the concern that some treatments are scams or even harmful. So how does a person know whether a hair growth product is valid? After all, there are hundreds of sites promoting vitamins, supplements, and laser therapy.

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The best way we found to find out the truth about a cure for hair loss is to compare its claims to scientific findings. Scientists have repeatedly tested supplements and low-level light therapy to see whether they affect hair growth. And they have seen positive results in many cases.

But there is always one caveat. A hair loss product may be perfectly capable of enhancing hair growth. But if its function isn’t targeted to the needs of the user, the user is unlikely to end up satisfied. For example, if you lose hair due to telogen effluvium, you’re likely to need vitamins instead of a DHT blocker. That’s because telogen effluvium happens when your body is malnourished or over-stressed and not necessarily suffering an increase of the hormone testosterone.

Therefore, let’s look at two example where science proves the efficacy of hair loss cures. The first has to do with low-level light therapy (LLLT). Doctors used laser hair growth devices to stimulate new hair production. You can learn about this in the medical journal called, “Lasers in Surgery and Medicine” in an article published in February 2014.

The article reports that five doctors found that LLLT created hair growth in women and men during controlled clinical trials. The light shifted hair follicles into the anagen, or growth phase. Moreover, the laser light didn’t have negative side effects.

Next, you can read an article in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology published in March 2015. Six professionals found that taking hair loss supplements with antioxidants and omega oils made a positive difference for test subjects. The women participating in the trial end up with thicker, denser hair and a significant reduction in hair loss.

Of course, whenever you’re in doubt as to whether you should try a hair loss cure, check with your doctor to see what they recommend. In that manner, you’ll get a solution matched to your needs.

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